Case Details

Case # 05 CC 1
Judge James T. Doyle
Disposition Complaint dismissed
Decision Date 8/28/2006

Case Summary

The Complaint alleged that during Respondent's assignment to Kane County Drug Court in 2000, Respondent abused the powers of his office by systematically violating the constitutional and statutory rights of criminal defendants, systematically violating several Judicial Canons and statutory provisions, and engaging in intemperate acts of intimidation, retribution, and vindictiveness in response to those who disagreed with the manner in which he presided over judicial proceedings. The Complaint also alleged that Respondent attempted to conceal the systematic violations of defendants' rights by questioning defendants either without a court reporter present or after instructing the court reporter to go off the record; and while presiding over the Kane County Drug Court, Respondent systematically failed to discharge his adjudicative and administrative responsibilities. The Complaint further alleged that Respondent interfered with the operation of the Kane County Drug Court after his removal as Presiding Judge of the Kane County Drug Court.

Case Documents