Case Details

Case # 14 CC 2
Judge Scott D. Drazewski
Disposition Suspended without pay
Suspension Length: Four Months
Decision Date 3/11/2016

Case Summary

The Complaint alleged that beginning no later than December 5, 2010, and continuing through at least February 16, 2011, Judges Drazewski and Foley engaged in an undisclosed extramarital affair, during which time period Judge Drazewski presided over a number of pending cases, including a three-day jury trial, where Judge Foley’s husband – an attorney who practiced regularly in the judges’ courthouse – represented parties.  The Complaint also alleged that during the time period that Judge Drazewski presided over Judge Foley’s husband’s pending cases, Judge Foley did not disclose to her husband or to her Chief Judge that she was having an extramarital relationship with Judge Drazewski. According to the Complaint, Judge Foley was aware that Judge Drazewski presided over a jury trial in which her husband represented one of the parties while the extramarital affair was ongoing. The Complaint further alleged that it was only after Judge Foley’s husband had confronted Judge Foley and demanded that Judge Drazewski recuse himself, and after Judge Foley had then related that conversation to Judge Drazewski, that Judge Drazewski recused himself from Attorney Foley’s cases. The Complaint also alleged that during subsequent communications with his Chief Judge, Judge Drazewski failed to disclose the actual reason for those recusals, namely his extramarital relationship with Judge Foley.

Case Documents