Case Details

Case # 08 CC 1
Judge Michael J. Chmiel
Disposition Reprimanded
Decision Date 11/19/2010

Case Summary

The Complaint alleged that on Saturday, June 16, 2007, Judge Michael J. Chmiel ("Respondent"), a juvenile-court judge not on duty that day, was told by Robert Miller – a friend, former client, and political ally – that Miller's brother David had been arrested that morning on felony charges and would have to remain in jail until the following Monday absent a special bond hearing. In response, Respondent agreed to preside over such a special bond hearing, thereby enabling David Miller to be released on bond that same day. In addition, the Complaint alleged that subsequent public outcry of political favoritism for the locally-powerful Miller family caused Respondent's fellow circuit judges to inquire into the reasons why Respondent had held such a hearing; in response, Respondent failed to disclose Robert Miller's involvement. The Complaint further alleged that later, on October 12, 2007, during sworn testimony before the Board regarding the aforementioned special bond hearing, Respondent made false and misleading statements, and otherwise failed to disclose Robert Miller's involvement in causing that hearing to have occurred.

Case Documents